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Edmonds Dryer Repair Company.

Orca Appliance Services is Edmonds, WA fastest dryer repair service!

Orca Appliance Services technicians are trained on every make, model, and year of dryer repair!

Orca Appliance Services offers affordable dryer repair to keep you running!

Orca Appliance Services offers a 90 day labor warranty on all of our dryer repairs.


Professional Dryer Repair.

Dryers play a vital role in households, ensuring clothes are thoroughly dried to extend their lifespan. Beyond laundry, they serve multiple purposes, from drying shoes and hats to fluffing pillows and removing wrinkles from clothing and blankets. Despite their versatility, a malfunctioning dryer can disrupt daily routines. 


Rest assured; Orca Appliance Services is here for you as your professional dryer repair service. Our seasoned technicians specialize in all brands and models of dryer repair, swiftly diagnose issues and make necessary repairs. At Orca Appliance Services, we prioritize your time, offering convenient appointments, fast turnarounds, competitive rates, and a satisfaction guarantee. When your dryer needs attention, don't hesitate to call us for reliable and efficient repair services.


For professional dryer repair, give Orca Appliance Repair a call today!

Dryer Repair Near Me.

If you are looking for dryer repair in Edmonds, Seattle, or Everett by searching for phrases like "Edmonds dryer repair", "appliance repair near me", or "dryer repair near me", you have found the right company! Orca Appliance Repair is dedicated to offering budget-friendly dryer repair services in the Edmonds, Seattle, and Everett areas. As part of our commitment, we fix a variety of common dryer issues, such as dryers not heating up, dryers not spinning up and much more. Contact Orca Appliance Services today to arrange your dryer repair appointment!

Common Dryer Problems

Dryer doesn't heat up.

If your dryer is operational but lacks heat, a common culprit is a clogged vent. The vent channels hot air from the dryer to the outside, and if obstructed, proper air circulation is impeded, resulting in a cool dryer. Another potential cause is a burned-out heating element, responsible for generating hot air. If defective, the dryer will run without warming. Additionally, a malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt temperature control, preventing the dryer from heating. When faced with this issue, reach out to Orca Appliance Services! Our dryer technicians are here to help you get your dryer back up and running – give us a call today!

Dryer isn't running.

If your dryer is unresponsive and doesn’t run, a prevalent issue might be a broken belt, commonly the result of wear or fraying over time. The belt, encircling the drum and motor pulley, can eventually snap, necessitating replacement. Alternatively, a burnt-out motor could be the cause, as it powers the drum through the drive belt. Professional dryer repair technicians are needed to replace a malfunctioning motor. Lastly, a faulty switch on the control panel may prevent the dryer from starting. In this case, switch replacement is required to restore the functionality of the dryer. Rest assured, the dryer repair technicians from Orca Appliance Services are here to help!

Dryer is overheating.

If your dryer is exhibiting signs of overheating, it's crucial to pinpoint the cause and implement preventive measures. Common culprits include lint build-up, a clogged vent, or obstructed airflow. Lint accumulation, especially on heating elements and in ventilation ducts, is a leading cause and necessitates regular cleaning of the lint trap. Checking the vent periodically for lint and debris is essential to prevent overheating. Additionally, ensuring unobstructed airflow by avoiding blockages around air vents prevents the dryer from overheating. These proactive steps contribute to the prevention of overheating issues, maintaining the optimal performance of your dryer. When your dryer starts having problems, give Orca Appliance Services a call!

Dryer is making strange noises.

When your clothes dryer begins producing unusual noises or vibrations, it signals a potential issue with the appliance. For example, an unbalanced load of laundry or an unevenly positioned dryer can cause noise and vibration. Additionally, a clogged vent may impede airflow, leading to overheating and resulting in strange noises. If suspecting a blocked vent, prompt cleaning is crucial. While these troubleshooting tips can often resolve the problem, persistent issues should prompt a call to Orca Appliance Services and we will get our dryer repair professionals onsite to get it back to normal.

Dryer doesn't turn.

When your dryer fails to turn, it's a common issue that can disrupt your laundry routine. The problem may stem from a malfunctioning drive belt, a critical component responsible for rotating the drum. Over time, drive belts can wear out, fray, or even break, causing the drum to remain stationary. Additionally, issues with the motor or the idler pulley, which maintains tension on the belt, could contribute to the problem. Troubleshooting may involve checking the drive belt for damage or the motor for signs of malfunction. If you're unable to identify or resolve the issue, give Orca Appliance Services a call and our team will get your dryer back up and running.

Orca Appliance Services Dryer Repair Service Area.

Dryer Repair In Seattle
Dryer Repair in Everett
Dryer Repair in Edmonds
Dryer Repair in Mill Creek
Dryer Repair in Lynnwood
Dryer Repair in Mukilteo
Dryer Repair in Bothell

Dryer Repair in Bellevue
Dryer Repair in Kirkland
Dryer Repair in North Creek
Dryer Repair in Lake Stickney
Dryer Repair in Shoreline
Dryer Repair in Issaquah
Dryer Repair in Sammamish

Dryer Repair in Redmond
Dryer Repair in Kenmore
Dryer Repair in Woodinville
Dryer Repair in Alderwood Manor
Dryer Repair in Lake Forest Park
Dryer Repair in Woodway
Dryer Repair in Mountlake Terrace

Dryer Repair Process

At Orca Appliance Services, we are committed to providing the most efficient, thorough, and comprehensive dryer repair possible. Our dryer repair technicians take pride in delivering high-quality work, and they back up their labor with a 90 day warranty on all services. The process for getting your dryer repaired with us is simple and straightforward - just 4 steps! We start by scheduling your appointment at a convenient time. Next, our technician will arrive and diagnose the issue. After that, they'll make any necessary repairs. Finally, before leaving they'll test it to ensure everything is working properly. Throughout the process our focus remains on speedy yet complete repairs so you can get your dryer running again as soon as possible.


Step 1 : Call Orca Appliance Services.

The moment your dryer breaks, give Orca Appliance Services a call. Our team is onsite as soon as possible, and is trained to get your dryer back up and running in no time.


Step 2 : Dryer Diagnosis

Our dryer technician arrives and performs a diagnosis of the issue, damaged parts and components, and reviews the repair and replacement options with you.


Step 3 : Dryer Repair

Once the homeowner and dryer repair technician come to an agreement, Orca Appliance Services performs the dryer repair and gets your dryer back online.


Step 4 : Final Review And Testing

Before completing the job, our dryer repair technician goes through the work completed, demonstrates the repair, and addresses any remaining questions or concerns.

Dryer Repair FAQ's.

Dryers can experience various problems, from not drying properly to overheating - there are countless issues that can happen with this essential home appliance. Rest assured, our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair any make, model, and issue with your dryer. Whether it's a minor issue or complete malfunction, rely on Orca Appliance Services for professional dryer repairs. We'll get your dryer working again in no time.


Here are some of the most common questions our dryer repair technicians get - 

Question: How much does it cost to repair a dryer?

Answer: It depends on the severity of the issue and problem with your dryer. Rest assured, our dryer repair technicians will go through all of the options with you before performing any repair.

Question: What should I do if my dryer is overheating?

Answer: Give Orca Appliance Repair a call! One of the first things to check for is debris in the lint filter and inspect the vent hose for blockages.

Question: When should I call a dryer repair technician for my dryer issue?

Answer: Anytime you have any questions or problems with your dryer is a great time to call Orca Appliance Services. Our team of dryer service technicians are ready to assist, and get your dryer back up and running in no time.

Question: What factors should I consider when buying a new dryer?

Answer: There are a variety of factors including size, capacity, style/design of the dryer, features and much more. Give Orca Appliance Services a call and our team would be thrilled to help you review your options.

Orca Appliance Services Services The Following Dryer Brands:


Samsung Dryer Repair


Whirlpool Dryer Repair


Thermador Dryer Repair


Maytag Dryer Repair


KitchenAid Dryer Repair


LG Dryer Repair


GE Dryer Repair

Why Wait? Schedule Your Dryer Repair Today!

Give Orca Appliance Services a call today to schedule your dryer repair, or submit an inquiry form and one of our technicians will reach out to you.

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