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Edmonds Stove Repair Company.

Orca Appliance Services is Edmonds, WA fastest stove repair service!

Orca Appliance Services technicians are trained on every make, model, and year of stove repair!

Orca Appliance Services offers affordable stove repair to keep you running!

Orca Appliance Services offers a 90 day labor warranty on all of our stove repairs.


Professional Stove Repair.

The stove stands as a cornerstone among home appliances, playing a vital role in preparing meals and contributing to the warmth and ambiance of a household. The stove often takes center stage in kitchens, serving as a hub for culinary creativity and social gatherings. Choosing a stove that combines durability and user-friendly features is crucial, considering its integral role in daily activities.

With the abundance of stove options available, careful research becomes very important before making a purchase to ensure the stove aligns with both functional and aesthetic preferences of your home. Once the perfect stove is chosen, proper installation is needed to make the stove runs and lasts as intended.

Understanding the significance of a well-functioning stove in your kitchen, Orca Appliance Services is committed to assisting you in maintaining its optimal performance. Specializing in high-quality repairs for all stove brands and models, our skilled technicians possess extensive experience in addressing issues across various stove types, including electric and gas models. If your stove is in need of repair or maintenance, reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation. At Orca Appliance Services, we look forward to ensuring your stove remains in top condition, ready to meet your cooking needs.


For professional stove repair, give Orca Appliance Repair a call today!

Stove Repair Near Me.

If you are looking for stove repair in Edmonds, Seattle, or Everett by searching for phrases like "Edmonds stove repair", "appliance repair near me", or "stove repair near me", you have found the right company! Orca Appliance Repair is dedicated to offering budget-friendly stove repair services in the Edmonds, Seattle, and Everett areas. As part of our commitment, we fix a variety of common stove issues, such as stove not heating up, stoves cooking unevenly and much more. Contact Orca Appliance Services today to arrange your stove repair appointment!

Common Stove Problems

My gas burner won't light.

If your gas burner on your stoverefuses to light, a common culprit could be a dirty igniter, which plays a pivotal role in creating the spark that ignites the gas. Accumulated dirt or grease on the igniter may hinder its ability to generate a spark, impeding the lighting process. Additionally, a dirty burner itself presents another potential issue. Over time, food particles and grease can accumulate on the burner, obstructing the efficient ignition of the gas flame. Furthermore, it's crucial to consider the gas supply as a potential factor. Ensure the gas valve is in the "on" position, and there are no leaks in the gas line. If the gas supply is compromised, the burner won't be able to light.  For professional stove repair, give Orca Appliance Services a call today!

Gas stove top keeps clicking.

If your gas stove top persistently produces a clicking sound, it indicates an issue with the igniter, which is responsible for creating the spark that ignites the gas in the burner. The repetitive clicking occurs when the igniter attempts to light the gas but faces difficulties in doing so. Several factors can contribute to this problem, including a dirty igniter or issues with the gas line. A dirty igniter, covered in grease or dirt, may impede the ignition process, leading to the persistent clicking noise. Alternatively, problems with the gas line, such as a blockage or leak, can also disrupt the ignition sequence. If you find your gas stove top consistently clicking, give the experts at Orca Appliance Services a call today! Our team of stove repair technicians will arrive, diagnose the issue, and will get you and your stove back up and running.

Gas burner heats up slowly.

When your gas burner on the stove exhibits slow heating, various factors may contribute to this issue. A potential cause is a restricted flow of gas to the burner, often stemming from debris buildup in the burner head or issues within the gas supply line. Accumulated debris can impede the efficient flow of gas, leading to sluggish heating. Another possible reason is an incorrectly positioned air intake baffle on the burner. When not in the correct position, this component can diminish the amount of oxygen available for combustion, resulting in a slower heating process. If you suspect that your gas burner is not reaching peak efficiency and is experiencing delayed heating, give Orca Appliance Services a call! Our team of professional stove repair experts arrive on site and get the repair completed as quickly as possible.

Induction element doesn't heat.

If your induction element is failing to heat, several factors could be at play. One potential reason is the compatibility of your cookware with induction technology. Induction cooktops rely on creating a magnetic field that directly transfers heat to ferrous (magnetic) cookware. If your cookware lacks ferrous material, it cannot conduct the heat necessary for cooking. Another consideration is ensuring that the induction element is properly plugged in and receiving power. Without a stable power supply, the element won't generate the required heat. Additionally, check the settings on your induction cooktop to confirm that it is set to a temperature sufficient for generating heat. Regardless of the root cause, Orca Appliance Services is here to help you get your stove back up and running and will diagnose and repair the issue in no time.

Electric burner won't heat.

When your electric burner refuses to heat, it can be a source of frustration in the kitchen. To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking the power supply. Ensure the burner is securely plugged into a functional outlet and verify that the circuit breaker hasn't been tripped. If the power supply checks out, shift your attention to the burner itself. Inspect the heating element for cleanliness, ensuring it is free from dirt or debris that may impede its functionality. Subsequently, examine the element for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or corrosion. If damage is detected, replacing the heating element is necessary. Additionally, confirm that the temperature control knob is set to the appropriate level for heating. Incorrect settings can prevent the burner from reaching the desired temperature. Whatever the issue is, rest assured that the stove repair technicians at Orca Appliance Services are here help.

Orca Appliance Services Stove Repair Service Area.

Stove Repair In Seattle
Stove Repair in Everett
Stove Repair in Edmonds
Stove Repair in Mill Creek
Stove Repair in Lynnwood
Stove Repair in Mukilteo
Stove Repair in Bothell

Stove Repair in Bellevue
Stove Repair in Kirkland
Stove Repair in North Creek
Stove Repair in Lake Stickney
Stove Repair in Shoreline
Stove Repair in Issaquah
Stove Repair in Sammamish

Stove Repair in Redmond
Stove Repair in Kenmore
Stove Repair in Woodinville
Stove Repair in Alderwood Manor
Stove Repair in Lake Forest Park
Stove Repair in Woodway
Stove Repair in Mountlake Terrace

Stove Repair Process

At Orca Appliance Services, we are committed to providing the most efficient, thorough, and comprehensive stove repair possible. Our stove repair technicians take pride in delivering high-quality work, and they back up their labor with a 90 day warranty on all services. The process for getting your stove repaired with us is simple and straightforward - just 4 steps! We start by scheduling your appointment at a convenient time. Next, our technician will arrive and diagnose the issue. After that, they'll make any necessary repairs. Finally, before leaving they'll test it to ensure everything is working properly. Throughout the process our focus remains on speedy yet complete repairs so you can get your stove running again as soon as possible.


Step 1 : Call Orca Appliance Services.

The moment your stove breaks, give Orca Appliance Services a call. Our team is onsite as soon as possible, and is trained to get your stove back up and running in no time.


Step 2 : Stove Diagnosis

Our stove technician arrives and performs a diagnosis of the issue, damaged parts and components, and reviews the repair and replacement options with you.


Step 3 : Stove Repair

Once the homeowner and stove repair technician come to an agreement, Orca Appliance Services performs the stove repair and gets your stove back online.


Step 4 : Final Review And Testing

Before completing the job, our stove repair technician goes through the work completed, demonstrates the repair, and addresses any remaining questions or concerns.

Stove Repair FAQ's.

Stoves can experience various problems, from not heating properly to starting at all - there are countless issues that can happen with this essential home appliance. Rest assured, our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair any make, model, and issue with your stove. Whether it's a minor issue or complete malfunction, rely on Orca Appliance Services for professional stove repairs. We'll get your stove working again in no time.


Here are some of the most common questions our stove repair technicians get - 

Question: How much does it cost to repair a stove?

Answer: It depends on the severity of the issue and problem with your stove. Rest assured, our stove repair technicians will go through all of the options with you before performing any repair.

Question: What should I do if my stove isn't heating properly?

Answer: Give Orca Appliance Repair a call! One of the first things to check for is the temperature settings, ignitor, and your sensors.

Question: When should I call a stove repair technician for my stove issue?

Answer: Anytime you have any questions or problems with your stove is a great time to call Orca Appliance Services. Our team of stove service technicians are ready to assist, and get your stove back up and running in no time.

Question: What factors should I consider when buying a new stove?

Answer: There are a variety of factors including size, capacity, style/design of the stove, features and much more. Give Orca Appliance Services a call and our team would be thrilled to help you review your options.

Orca Appliance Services Services The Following Stove Brands:


Samsung Stove Repair


Whirlpool Stove Repair


Thermador Stove Repair


Maytag Stove Repair


KitchenAid Stove Repair


LG Stove Repair


GE Stove Repair

Why Wait? Schedule Your Stove Repair Today!

Give Orca Appliance Services a call today to schedule your stove repair, or submit an inquiry form and one of our technicians will reach out to you.

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